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Audio Introduction at the beginning of Mass Attunement





Before starting Mass Attunement, here is an introduction.


When we start Mass Attunement, we will play a video with some music, for the first 40 minutes of the session. So please sit back and watch the video and listen to the audio. Though. if you prefer you can also turn off the images or the sounds, and close your eyes, lie still, or sit down and be completely silent, depending on your feelings.  If you feel particularly sleepy, you can also continue to lie down quietly.


In order to achieve the best results, please sit still as much as possible and remain quiet and try not to have too much thinking.


Research by our R and D team found that our human nature, our characteristics, are actually inborn, inherited, and are very difficult to change. People tend to do things and react to what happens very mechanically, very automatically, because the formula of our life seems to be so very effective.


It seems therefore that we are very "formulaic" in the way we treat, for example, our loved ones, our partner, our husband or our wife, our son or our daughter, or other members of our family. And when a person possibly lacks sentiment or gratitude, not really knowing how to taste and appreciate life fully, for example, when listening to music, even if we did want to try to change this formula, change these preferences that we have, it is really very, very difficult, because our inborn program locks our mind.


It is a magnetic field that seems to actually bind the way we do things and the way we think, and this magnetic field seems really as hard as steel.


Because of this, we can feel sometimes that there is a huge distance with others, we can feel quite separate, and we often want others to follow our own way, and if this is not achieved, we could easily be angry or defensive.


It is this inborn program, this magnetic field, that gives us our perceptions, so that we are often unknowingly held back in life, because our program limits the options we can take. People are born with this structure, and subject to these constraints, and it is very difficult to transform, in family relationships, or in work relationships where it is very often that we feel pressure and stress, and our body is also affected.


Each session of Mass Attunement deals or modulates different mindsets, and each person participating can have a different feeling, perhaps even sometimes no feelings.  This is quite normal.


Here is an explanation of the word ‘modulation’ that we mentioned before.


The genes of every cell in our bodies store a massive amount of consciousness passed down to us from our ancestors.


What is this massive consciousness? It is the difficulties encountered by our ancestors, whether it is their fears in life, or their struggles in war, or their fear before they die.

All of this is in our cells, so that we are born with these characteristics. Mostly related to resentment, fear, anger, so that when we make decisions in our life, our characteristics can make us do a lot of damage to ourselves, even hurting ourselves,  and even hurting others.


The affects to our own lives, can be emotional or physical, and there can be financial affects as well.


Now that we are sitting quietly in this Mass Attunement the effect can be to change and cleanse the consciousness in our cells, and from our research we understand that all consciousness is actually electronic current.


When we change the electronic currents released by our consciousness, we can even feel them release, so there could be some feeling of numbness, sometimes some discomfort, which could include dizziness, headache, feeling some energy surge, even our chest feeling some pressure or even sometimes some nausea, or a bit feverish.


So, sitting in silence, if there is any physical or emotional reaction or discomfort, it may be the process of transformation, of change.


Please try to stay relaxed during the process, and, after the end of any discomfort, please rest more and drink more warm water, this can be very helpful.


Thank you very much for your participation, we will start very soon.

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