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Hong Kong

After a conflict I was still uneasy, feeling uncomfortable, wronged, and angry. In the evening, participated in the weekly mass attunement. For the first few minutes, I really couldn't sit down. I felt that there was a fire in my heart. Then I convinced myself that it was useless to be anxious. Usually for me, it is impossible to transform emotions so quickly in just half an hour. I feel that mass attunement is amazing, and I will continue to participate in the future.



After the Mass Attunement I noticed a real radical shift in everything that I'm doing. Really!

I have been under an enormous amount of stress but now I just feel that something has been lifted from me, I just feel so much more focused work-wise. I've been so much more productive.

I also picked back up my exercise routine again. And I am sleeping better and just I feel so much lighter and just so much more positive, and everything just feels really, really good.

Thanks, have a great day.



I experienced a beautiful, deep and heart felt meditation in my first Mass Attunement session.

The experience was healing and has stayed with me.

My overall experience of Mass Attunement is the feeling of a “Reset”. It’s as though my mind and body, including my nervous system, feels cleansed. It’s a good feeling.

I intend to do them regularly.

Ron & Kath


We have participated in Mass Attunement nearly every week since mid-2012. When we first started our dog, Duchess, sensed something happening in the room and was a bit unsettled and then after several minutes she relaxed and was calm until Mass Attunement ended. Nowadays she sits quietly on the couch with us during Mass Attunement and gets up just before the ending is announced.
We participate because it helps us to modulate our mindsets and energy (and crazy thoughts and feelings) so that, by the end, our energy feels much smoother and peaceful and happier.



When I started attending Mass Attunement many years ago, at first I could not feel anything during the Attunement. This happened for months.

Then, gradually, maybe as part of the process I gradually started to feel sensations and emotions during the Attunement, often remorse or a sort of universal love, but usually with a sense of clarity too.

This means a lot to me, I can feel touched even as I write this. Thank you. I hope you can experience something meaningful too.



When I was in Greece waiting for Mass Attunement, I remember that this time of recollection had given me strength, courage, perspective for a better future and change and a sweet feeling of release.



While I was watching the Mass Attunement, I could feel the energy in me that was being healed.
It also helped my son, even though he did not attend. It was just beautiful, this healing energy. And I could feel my son healing so much, his stronger high potential self, confident, loving, content, calm, fulfilled, being able to receive, and doing so well through the support of Mass Attunement.

I would like to continue, I feel immense benefit, and each Mass Attunement that I have attended feels to work on something different in me.

It brings a lot of clarity and awareness and a deep silence.

It feels different.

I had such a productive day after the Attunement session.

I could also feel the huge community support that comes from the Amita/Picer Research Team and Staff. I could feel all of that.



​After participating in my first Mass attunement, I felt altered, lighter, and aware of a feeling of universal love. Physically, there was a sensation of openness in my forehead and my heart center felt expanded. Within a short timeframe, there were particular events/interactions arising in my day, that I handled with deep ease and calm - guided by a sense of love. Whereas before my behavioural response to these events or interactions would have been edgy (entitled) and with irritation.  

This behavioural shift is noteworthy and worthwhile.  I also notice people responding to me differently. There is more peace within.


Hong Kong

​I participated in mass attunement. In the past, there were obstacles to work, I would vent out my emotions immediately, and I would find my sister and friends to complain; but starting in recent months, the sudden situation at work has become more serious than before, but I think of a way to deal with it immediately. I also didn't have the urge to find family members or friends to complain. I would only tell what happened when they came to me. Even afterwards, I can have the idea of  ​​"I can't change the attitude of my boss, I can only change myself. It seems I have become another person!

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