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Mass Attunement

How we are binded tightly to

our thinking patterns


If life is a program which influences our thinking patterns, then how do these programs bind us to particular thought processes and behavioural responses?


Do you ever notice that you find yourself in similar situations and responding the same way, that may not be productive or optimal, and or could even be downright harmful, creating stress and impairing your sleep?


In our lives, we see over time how these programs reappear, and the patterns reoccur.  Perhaps we have noticed how our capacity to meet life with clarity and openness; a different perception is limited, and our emotional responses lack real options.   We can become frustrated, negative, angry, depressed.


When David D’i began his research on the workings of life, he found that his practice of contemplation could interrupt his usual thinking patterns and open his consciousness to an understanding.  This was part of the inspiration that led to the founding of the institute. This contemplation practice became an integrated aspect of the PICER Institute, eventually combining its scientific research of electromagnetic field coding.


Mass Attunement is offered through the institute as one of its findings.  It is also a contribution to understanding humanity.  Humanity has evolved by a myriad dynamic of forces, that have grown our existence, our evolution. Conflict is part of humanity’s story, with hundreds of generations of our ancestors experiencing violence and warfare.  PICER found that our DNA has recorded this vibrational affect of violence in conflict, which we call ‘data’.  These data, or the memories of slaughtering can effect greatly our senses, our awareness, and the lens through which we perceive life.  The vibrational affect generates further conflict, reflected in daily living as arguments, small-minded thinking, jealousy, and separateness.  From this perspective, DNA dictates daily emotions, like anxiety, unhappiness, or insecurity.

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More about how DNA affects our thinking


DNA records the evolutionary history of all species. This includes the conflict over so many billions of years.  At birth, we inherit value systems encoded in a collective human DNA experience.  This can lend to extreme-thinking and aggression and a drive for recognition or success, at all costs.


In over twenty years of research, PICER Institute arrives to an understanding of the undercurrents propelling our life course. This understanding has the key to unbind existing programs in our DNA.  When a group of people gather to participate in Mass Attunement, they engage in a process of focusing the collective consciousness towards neutralizing billions of years of the vibrational affect of violent conflict through the collective electromagnetic field.


This simple contemplation can gradually help us modulate, step by step, or alter the messages emitted by the data in our DNA.  We cannot rely on this method alone to change our lives; however, we can feel relief and obtain a calmer emotional state, through this simple contemplation.  With time it is possible to have an increased awareness of our extreme-thinking and behavioural patterns of aggression. Mass Attunement helps to modulate the participant’s physical space and modulate the relations linked to the participant.

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