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A Restorative Contemplation


Consider the benefits of quiet reflection amplified by scientific research

Hour-long sessions held on Sunday and Monday each week

Initiate a freedom from our inherited program and patterns

Mass Attunement is a 60 minute contemplation/meditation supported by a program of electromagnetic field resonance that initiates a freedom from our inherited DNA programs or behavioural patterning.


For over twenty years, the PICER Institute’s Research and Development team has uncovered an understanding about our shared evolutionary unfolding, that impacts our way of being in our everyday lives.  Our DNA holds patterns of stored experiences, from events that happened over billions of years ago in our collective consciousness.  Conflict and aggression have manifested much violence in our ancestral lineages.  This vibrational charge is expressed  through data and patterns in the DNA codes, often propelling us to feel negative or fixing our options in life.


PICER Institute understands that DNA’s expression plays a role in our orientation and response to how we meet the situations in our life.  If DNA’s expression is viewed as a program of bound patterns, effecting our emotions and our relationships, then the information stored in the codes can be neutralized.  Forms of consciousness within the code can elicit behavioural patterns from our past collective violence, generating  mindsets of fear, grudge, aggression, or retaliation.  Mass Attunement’s use of electromagnetic field resonance unbinds the codes, initiating a sense of new options towards deep ease, harmony and attunement.

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Initiating the Unbinding Process

The unbinding will naturally occur when we come in contact with certain knowledge that can help to neutralise the past information that is in-built in us now.


The magnetic field generated from the understanding PICER Institute has uncovered can help unbind us and reprogram the complex emotional programs we have inherited.


By connecting to our Institute's center through an online connection, you will be connected to this knowledge which can help to initiate the unbinding process.

60 minutes of attunement

By connecting into PICER Institute online, you are connecting to this underlying knowledge during the hour of the contemplation.


Please find a comfortable place to sit or to lie, with eyes open or closed.  Take in water if needed.  Afterwards we suggest a quiet transition to the rest of your day, in order to support an increased awareness, in regard to noticing  subtle or nuanced shifts when being in your life.

Connect with us automatically via

ZOOM online conferencing, using their APP

or their website, for the 60 minute session. 


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